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“Kockovic is a brilliant and an original artist. This is a man full of fantasy, a bit of a mystic. Everything which is hu­man is his theme, and one small sculpture of his speaks more than all the words which one might use”.
Art Critic in Wane Eickele Zcitung, Essen

"An elementary dynamic speaks especially from the three latest works of the sculptor Marijan Kockovic. One should immediately stress that the artist offers such an expressive picture of his creative possibilities that one can only won­der at the force with which he passes through the most different styles. One must especially emphasize his latest three creations, named »Zbjeg”, “Kolo”, and “Uspavanka”. It seems to me that the already indicated path of creative development of this sculptor has found here its conclusion for a long time to come. These three sculptures impress above all with their spartan simplicity. Only the stone and the artist s creation speak”.
Norbert Kunze, Writer and critic, Vienna


“Kockovic's bust 'Beethoven' and the sculpture 'Bosanac' are the most expressive sculpture of all the works pre­sented”.
Ostereichische Folkstimme

“The most powerful personality in the group is certainly the sculptor Marijan Kockovic. His easily modeled and exquisitely chiseled 'Odmor' (Rest), his sculpture of extraordinary sensitive expression 'Uspavanka', as well as the powerful bust of Beethoven — are all creations and proofs of the artist's versatility, his technical knowledge and expressive potentialities".
Das Kleine Volksblat , Austria


Among the sculptures presented which are distinguished with force and dignity, the creations in bronze "Trofeji rata' (War Trophees), 'Krematorijum' (Crematorium), and 'Celija' (The Cell) stand out. These themes force on the artist a certain form, measure and clarity, and Kockovic was able to preserve a measure of emotional effects. In wooden sculptures he does not hide his inspirations, a pri­mitive and an old Bosnian art, but he does give to it a new, quite modern expression, which impresses the viewer”:
Stephane Rey, Le Phare Dimanchy, Brussels

“A rich and a varied personality is the sculptor Kockovic; he displayed sculptures made of bronze and stone; a po­werful bust of Beethoven, strong in form and in expression of Belhoven's personality; an exceedingly balanced »Uspavanka” (“Lullaby”) in stone; a scarfed mother with children in the composition “Zbjeg” (“Escape”), which with is white­ness appears as if flowing out of the bloc in which it is enthroned".
Ina Jun-Broda, Arl Critic. Vienna

“The chief characteristic in the work of Marijan Kockovic is an extraordinary force and inventiveness which he uses with ease in many of his interesting sculptures...
Dr. Petar Volk. Director, Yugoslav Film Festival

-Marijan Kockovic is a sculptor who possesses many possi­bilities for expression and who shows that with a smaller number of details one can achieve powerful effects as he has done in his stone sculpture, “Zbjeg”.
Neue Oestreich

With his knowledge and understanding of the artistic possibilities of the present times, Kockovic manages to ra­diate from himself a new “primitiveness« which is infor­med with humor".
Dr Kurt Eigl, Editor-in-Chief, Wiener Montas Hefte, Vienna

Marijan - sculptor from Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the most prominent artists in Europe . I met Marijan at the international art expo in San Francisco , in September 1981. some of art works which he exhibited there, included several marble and bronze sculptures, a recently completed work... Despite the thousands of art works exhibited at the Art-expo...Marijan's was the most eye - catching, I was very impressed by his command of his materials and the strength and variety of expressions with which he endows his subjects. Their force, originality, inner beauty and power create an almost magical magnetic field around them which draws the viewer closer and closer. I was equally impressed by their beauty of form-delicate rounded volumes lovingly conceived, and at the same time, sincere, compact and tense.
»World of art«

We can freely state that Marijan is the artist who is going to greatly influence the artistic expression in our country... here we have an artist who practically shakes us with his artistic force.
“The Social Pictorial”, Palm Beach

Let's say it simply: A beautiful show...
“The Sunday Star”, Washington DC

Agra art gallery was never so impressive in the way it is now on occasion of prof, Marijan exhibition, a sculptor from Yugoslavia , and that is the reason not to miss this show...
“ Palm Beach Observer”, Palm Beach

Marijan is a brilliant and original artist, this is a man full of fantasy, a bit of a mystic, everything which is human is his theme.
Wanne Eickele Zeitung, Essen , Germany

Marijan is a sculptor who possesses many possibilities for expression and who shows that with a smaller number of details one can achieve powerful effects.
Neues Oesterreich, Vienna , Austria

The most powerful personality of the group certainly is sculptor Marijan... his easily modeled and exquisitely chiseled »Repose«, his sculpture of extraordinary sensitive expressiveness »The Lullaby«, as well as the bust of Beethoven - all are creations and evidence of the artist's versatility, technical mastery, and potential of expression.
Das Kleine Volksblatt , Austria

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